(Captain Tsubasa Dream Team) OMG!! Hidden Ability for 2018 MULLER!? NEW Schneider too!

(Captain Tsubasa Dream Team) OMG!! Hidden Ability for 2018 MULLER!? NEW Schneider too!

Twitch始めました↓ Launched Twitch Channel↓


Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/baytv_japan

キャプテン翼 たたかえドリームチーム

♦ TFA公式サイトはこちら↓

♦ ツイッターはこちら↓

♦ キャプテン翼 たたかえドリームチームオフィシャルサイト

♦ キャプテン翼 再生リスト

【キャプテン翼】実況#3 SSR確定チケット ガチャ!!今度こそFW以外お願い!!ミューラーは入ってない??【たたかえドリームチーム】

♦ キャプテン翼 無課金攻略再生リスト

【キャプテン翼】初心者無課金講座#2 貯めた石でガチャを引いてチームを強化!!ドリームフェス18連!ヒキ強やけど悩む!!!【たたかえドリームチーム】

♦ ガチャ動画再生リスト

【ガチャ動画】#4 ドラゴンボールZ ドッカンバトル 伝説降臨 ブロリー ガシャ 20連!Dragon ball DBZ【Gacha Summon】

English Play list

Captain Tsubasa Tatakae Dream Team English #2

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Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/baytv_japan


  1. You are the best ever 💪

  2. YES! New scenarios for farming DB and tsubasa cup…btw BAY are you going to pull the new schneider banner tomorrow? Im a bit tempted to pull it but im saving my db for dreamfest also i already have kaltz and Schester :”)

  3. Passive may increase to 40% + HA 10% skills cost reduction? Insane!

  4. Tim skill Sneider 13% FW/GK or Agi Euro 13%
    HA muller 3% pedal to metal, Safety zone 3%
    high & low ball shot +5%
    cancel Block skill 1

  5. No German boost, it is all related to Muller stats only. Like safety zone, high flying- low flying shots and full power mode stats boost

  6. thanks Bay… i wait for dreamfest. wanted this muller for a long time but now there is a blue goalie in df so i am saving my dreamBALLS . peace

  7. So we could say that the worst team for now only green europe🤔🤔 i mean for the keeper, zino…. Shitty skill😤, TA muller of course not all of us have him… So only 1 GK here.. Hope zino gonna get HA or even muller xD

    • Green Europe, green SA, red SA, Blue SA, etc

  8. Nice info Bro(=

  9. Arabic Klab released the card info like the Shot doesnt need kaltz as it isnt showing the two player sign next to the shot so maybe its an animation just like roberto carlos ?!

  10. Good Vid bro and thanks for uploading it right after the KLab weekly episode
    Tbh I told my club mates that’s won’t be a non jp GK I said it’s gonna be Muller 2018 because the jp and Brazil 2018 transfer have 1 player each with HA a felt the German gonna be Muller but didn’t think that there will be a new Schindler
    About next gonna be JP maybe the twins Akai or Soda

  11. You might want to get Margus if you have all the other Germans. Schneider with Germanic Combination is very unpleasant.

  12. may be larson will be the key to clear this muller HA stage

  13. This loop fayya shot seems useless to me. At least it is better than red wc santana’s shot lol 😀

  14. so after HA, this WC18 muller only gets 500 increase stat? Plus passive remains the same, HAs not that impressive and none boosting European at all….nah, JY muller is much better esp Red Europe still the meta of the game.

  15. I think , ha muller wc get op with HA …. I imagine aoi wc condition