(Captain Tsubasa Dream Team) Best Team Using the New Team Skills?

(Captain Tsubasa Dream Team) Best Team Using the New Team Skills?

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Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/baytv_japan

キャプテン翼 たたかえドリームチーム

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♦ キャプテン翼 たたかえドリームチームオフィシャルサイト

♦ キャプテン翼 再生リスト

【キャプテン翼】実況#3 SSR確定チケット ガチャ!!今度こそFW以外お願い!!ミューラーは入ってない??【たたかえドリームチーム】

♦ キャプテン翼 無課金攻略再生リスト

【キャプテン翼】初心者無課金講座#2 貯めた石でガチャを引いてチームを強化!!ドリームフェス18連!ヒキ強やけど悩む!!!【たたかえドリームチーム】

♦ ガチャ動画再生リスト

【ガチャ動画】#4 ドラゴンボールZ ドッカンバトル 伝説降臨 ブロリー ガシャ 20連!Dragon ball DBZ【Gacha Summon】

English Play list

Captain Tsubasa Tatakae Dream Team English #2

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Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/baytv_japan


  1. One day bay San will pin this

  2. You can feed SSR BBS to WC Masao/Kazuo’s Skylab Twin easily with this Sawada cuz there is no possibility high ball 🙂 btw WC Masao & Masao with Skylab Twin are strongest shooter in this game right now.

    P.S: I know this game/serie made by Japans but recent times they always releasing Jap. Non-Japan players will quit game soon lol

  3. The Natu that you use for the example team needs Santana to trigger his passive though, and probably anniversary Santana would be the best replacement for Nitta (can bring him/18Nitta as a sub). 18Aoi can be used too even though he has to be played as a forward. Best starting AMs for 3133 imo would be WY Sawada / DF Basa / DF Misaki (using WY Sawada, WY Urabe, and DF Ishi’s team skills).

  4. I need this Urabe so bad but only have 20db T_T

  5. very informative ,thank you

  6. This very good team skill, if you want build All Jap WY, you can use Sawada and Urabe TeamSkill and last use TeamSkill Aoi WC and put Aoi WC in FW with Roberto, Hyuga Fest.

  7. Urabi should be autointersption
    blue characters does not have a good autointersption